Brunch Connector

How to find the midmorning meal that’s right for you

Which hemisphere?

French, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Thai, or sort of Asian-fusion-y?

Mexican, Caribbean, or U.S.?

New American, old-school deli vibes, something sugary, or Southern charm?

Casual, or something a bit fancier?

Doughnuts, French toast, or [wild card]?


Reservations or nah?

Grits, biscuits, or waffles?

With shrimp or fish?

With classic brunch cocktails or something a little different?

Light and sweet, or are you looking for Bloody Marys?

How important is a red velvet option?

Forget biscuits and gravy—how about tamales and chili gravy (with two eggs sunny-side up) at Ford Fry’s Superica?

A busy day inside Superica

Swanky Casi Cielo serves chilaquiles, “oaxffle de milpa” (corn waffle with fried duck confit)—and much more.

Brunch is a party at Ms. Icey’s Kitchen & Bar with jerk steak and frites, saltfish mangu, and tropical cocktails.

The yellow bubble letters mural at Ms. Icey's

Bread & Butterfly has textbook quiche, classic omelets, French 75s—and one very good pancake.

The pancakes at Bread & Butterfly

Go green at Delbar with kookoo sabzi—Persian-style fresh herb frittata with barberries and walnuts.

Roving servers at Royal China deliver delicious dim sum off wheeled metal carts.

The new brunch menu at 26 Thai Kitchen & Bar in Midtown boasts Thai chicken and purple waffles and tom yum lobster bisque.

Peep the pastrami and egg on rye, plus other New York Jewish deli–inspired treasures (and seasonal cocktails!) at the General Muir.

The pimento and bacon omelet with red pepper jelly is just the beginning of the riches awaiting you at Seed Kitchen & Bar.

Parents in town visiting? They like a river view? They heard about that famous sticky bun? No place to go but Canoe.

Canoe patio

BeetleCat’s whimsical Donut Brunch features spectacular saccharine creations like the banana pudding-inspired Donkey Kong doughnut.

Gocha’s Breakfast Bar serves its “krunch-tastic” French toast with berries and vanilla-bean sauce.

At Hen Mother Cookhouse, Soraya Khoury’s impeccable, frequently changing pastries—both sweet and savory—are a can’t-lose proposition.

Reserve online at Smyrna fave Muss & Turners (and then order the Big Breakfast Burrito).

In Tucker, Farmed Kitchen + Bar’s Southern stylings include buttermilk–sweet potato pancakes.

South City Kitchen’s shrimp and grits are famous for a reason.

Try the cornmeal-crusted catfish and grits at Breakfast at Barney’s (whose Mansa Musa tower includes fried lobster and grits).

Mansa Musa Tower at Breakfast at Barney's

Toast on Lenox has specialty drinks like a spiced pear cider mule.

Sip on mimosas and sangria at Buttermilk Kitchen.

A chicken biscuit from Buttermilk Kitchen

Try one of four ingredient-packed Bloodys at West Egg.

At the Breakfast Boys, sweet potato waffles are topped with jerk chicken (and the decor is fab).

Try Johnny’s World Famous Chicken and Waffles. (But if you’re waffling, you can also get ’em in buttermilk, pecan, and strawberry.)

Try the Bao Benedict—and creative cocktails—at buzzy Whiskey Bird.

Whiskey Bird’s signature frosé