Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed is engaged

Hizzoner proposed to steady Sarah-Elizabeth Langford during a Bahamas getaway


The mayor’s office is scheduled to make it official later today — Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed is engaged to Sarah-Elizabeth Langford after popping the question last week during a romantic getaway in the Bahamas. Langford is the daughter of late Atlanta city councilman and Georgia state senator Arthur Langford, Jr. who has a park named for him on Thornton Street in southwest Atlanta.

The Nassau-based Bahamas Press broke the story over the weekend after reps for the news outlet spotted the beaming couple dining at the Ocean Club’s Dune restaurant and noticed the sizable rock on Langford’s hand.

While reps for the mayor declined to answer media inquiries about the engagement until the official word is sent out later today, one source close to hizzoner was talking. “He sprang it on me as he got up out of my chair,” Reed’s barber Rick Walker told Atlanta magazine. The mayor booked a post-vacation haircut at Rick’s Barber & Beauty Sunday and kept mum about his big news until he was headed out the door. “He pulled up the pictures to show me,” Walker said. “He looked very happy. I cut his hair just before he left last week and had no idea he was going to propose. I just made sure he was looking good for his trip.”

The couple was photographed extensively when Langford accompanied Reed to the annual Mayor’s Masked Ball at the Marriott Marquis in December. Langford is a former beauty queen contestant who has competed in both the Miss America and Miss USA pageants. Fun facts: Langford donated her $25,000 win from a 2005 Miss USA edition of the NBC reality show Fear Factor to a youth mentoring charity. The 1996 graduate of Pace Academy was classmates with future Queer as Folk actor Randy Harrison.

Update: Well-wishers may want to be proactive with their wedding registry gift selections too. The engagement could be quite brief.

In statement released at noon, Reed alluded to a baby on board: “I want to announce the wonderful news that I proposed to Sarah-Elizabeth Langford over the weekend. I could not feel more blessed that she agreed to marry me, and we look forward to building a family together in the greatest city in America. I am honored to have our friends and family share this special moment with us and I ask that our privacy is respected as we celebrate this personal occasion.”

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  • Marshall A. Jones

    What a poor example to set for Atlanta’s youth “baby on board”.

    • Alex


      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning what he did, but it is what is.He’s not perfect, I’m not and neither are you. The basketball great Charles Barkley once said that he wasn’t their children’s role model and that parents should be their role models.

      Let’s be honest here..there is no such thing as an honest politicians regardless of their politician’s party. Those same” non flawed” politicians who are married, smiling in our faces and showing off their perfect kids probably have more skeletons in their closet than Kasim may have in his. It happened to James McGreevey and Elliot Spitzer.

      My mom will always be my role model but if I had to choose another one ,it would have been my old fifth grade teacher. Not only did she challenged me academically but she taught me that I could achieve anything regardless of any life altering obstacle that may be in the way of my goals. Her obstacle was having a child as a teen and out of wedlock. My mom could have criticize her for the same thing but she didn’t. She always taught me role models can be flawed but still can be testimonials in our lives. I didn’t see my old teacher as SN embarrassment but as a woman who not only taught me lessons inside of her classroom but outside of it also.

      I would rather look up to a flawed politician who is real than one who is pretending to be something that they’re not .Eventually, the truth will come out.

  • Brent Syllimnia

    This is strange because at first she wouldn’t marry him until I assume its after giving himself and City officials that huge pay raise whereas his salary increased from $57,689 to over $100,000 to $200,000 to buy his new home or being pregnant which would dampen a reputation as the daughter of a prominent figure. At first, he went from being a mere city councilman to big $$$. And, to think prev mayor took a major pay cut just to save Atlanta from debt. Now I assume the wedding will be funded from not assisting the millions of stranded pedestrians during that big snow storm and that $94,757 that was to be used for his campaign. And, she not getting any younger at 35 its good timing but he is 44 anyways Congratulations. LOL

  • Fractionally Diplomatic

    Questioning whether the bride to be made financial calculations when deciding whether to marry the mayor is almost as dumb as saying the mayor was responsible for rescuing people dumb enough to try to drive back to Cobb County during a midday Atlanta snowstorm. Talk to your guvna ’bout that.
    The lady has a massive trust fund and gives more to charity per year than the mayor earns in salary.
    Anyway, I am always proud of anyone who chooses life.
    But I hope the mayor proposed to the right lady because I understand there may be buns in multiple ovens.