Taqueria Don Sige

75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: Taqueria Don Sige
Chorizo, chicken, and steak tacos

Photograph by Cori Carter

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Located behind a gas station, in a tiny strip mall on the border of College Park and East Point, Don Sige isn’t known for its decor. Blond wood picnic benches, brown tile, and burnt-orange walls are what you get. The whiteboard menu offers a basic breakdown of the fantastic Mexican food for which the small restaurant is locally renowned. The kitchen is pretty much a flat-top and a fryer, and they’re happy to sell you a cheeseburger. But ignore any misinformed impulses because you’re here for traditional tacos (chopped onion, cilantro, lime, and radish), irresistibly priced at $1.50 each (pollo is great, but chorizo, camarones, and lengua are phenomenal). The spicy salsa verde isn’t complex and doesn’t need to be, and the expertly wrapped burrito and liberally sauced steak fajita are as flavorful as they are unfancy. You’ll have a hard time spending more than $15, but that’s not to say you won’t enjoy the challenge. 1720 Vesta Avenue, College Park, 404-762-8084