14. Embrace Atlanta’s 
easy-going style

These places embody the city’s unique sense of fashion
Morgan Kylee

Photograph courtesy of Morgan Kylee

Atlanta has a laid-back style; it’s a lot less pretentious than New York or other large cities. One place that really exemplifies that is Morgan Kylee boutique in Buckhead. It’s small, friendly, personal. Atlanta women’s style is feminine but still relaxed, and this place really caters to that sensibility. Another source of Atlanta looks is Bill Hallman Flaunt in Little Five Points. It’s one of those places you walk in and want to buy everything. You automatically add an element of cool to your wardrobe if you buy a piece from Bill Hallman; the clothes have an artsy edge but are more polished than the rest of what you find in Little Five Points. You can pull together a one-of-a-kind look without looking like you tried too hard. And for more inspiration, stop at Whiskey Park at the W Atlanta–Midtown. If there’s one place in Atlanta where the beautiful people go, this is it. You see a great mix of the city, all different races, all kinds of people, and it’s always a good time.

This article originally appeared in our April 2013 issue.