A look inside her $4.5 million loft as Fonda exits Poncey-Highland neighborhood


Presumably, the Andy Warhols are already off the dining room wall at Jane Fonda‘s Poncey-Highland loft at 850 Ralph McGill Boulevard.

Her Atlanta abode has been put up for sale by Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Reality for $4.5 million.

Fonda herself even blogged about the sale and posted pictures (courtesy of Nathan Martin of nrmcreativemarketing.com) of the spacious home.

We can tell you from personal experience that Fonda’s bachelorette pad boasts one impressive skyline view of downtown.

Perched across from us on a white couch a few years back, Fonda reflected on her time in Atlanta while gazing out the window, telling us she loved how the early morning sunrises turned the downtown skyscrapers pink.

Her dog Tulea and cat Mouse were usually asleep directly around her at home.

Fonda hosted the board members of her Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention non-profit in the adjacent dining area during working lunches where many of G-CAPP’s star-studded film premieres were planned.

We can vividly recall one afternoon when we were playing with Mouse in the living room while waiting for the board to finish a planning meeting. We noted a particularly personal conversation Fonda was sharing with the board about her famous family.

Suddenly, the room went silent for a moment and then the two-time Oscar winner addressed us by name to inquire: “You didn’t hear any of that, did you?”

We immediately replied, “Not a word, Jane” as we promptly tore out the pages from our notebook and quickly ingested them.

Entering Fonda’s home was always fascinating, due to the narrow, womb-like birth channel hallway (that once was painted shades of red and pink to replicate the female reproductive system).

Fonda pal and “Vagina Monologues” playwright Eve Ensler was a frequent guest.

The entrance now appears to be painted a more subdued shade of coral pink.

On her blog, Fonda even dishes about her bedroom which comes complete with a glass fireplace (“The fire bounces off it and reflects and is gorgeous,” she writes) and a bed which features a mirror tucked inside an oval canopy overhead.

Realtor Tina Hunsicker tells Intel that Fonda’s furniture will remain for now and only her personal items have been packed up and sent to her new home in Los Angeles.

As for the loft’s steep price tag in the ever-transitional Ralph McGill Boulevard neighborhood near the Carter Center?

Hunsicker is optimistic, telling us: “The market has been really active this past month and we have quite a few qualified prospects interested in the loft.”

Atlanta Fine Homes is also open to a lease or lease purchase as well.

For more information on the loft, go to the official Atlanta Fine Homes website.