An Atlanta-centric show by Cho at the Tabernacle Sunday night

As expected, Atlanta and its suburbs were a focal point in comic Margaret Cho‘s “Cho Dependent” concert Sunday night at the Tabernacle downtown.The tour-ending performance was filmed for a 2011 DVD release.
During her finale song (a selection celebrating a certain part of the male anatomy from her new album, “Cho Dependent”), the part-time Atlantan surprised the audience when the curtain opened to reveal the entire Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus assisting her on back up vocals.

On her “Dancing With the Stars” stint this season, Cho told the crowd her incomparable mother (long a fixture in her stand up act) was a huge fan: “‘Dancing With the Stars’ is old people’s total jam! But my mom was really scared if I danced poorly we’s get deported.”
On living in Peachtree City each year while shooting the Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva”: “I’m so happy to be inside the perimeter tonight. I’m like the blackest person in Peachtree City. It’s weird. I’m the ghetto, the gay neighborhood and Chinatown all rolled into one there.”

On attending the Atlanta Steeplechase this year: “It’s like the white Freaknik. I was afraid I was going to be sold into slavery.”

On hanging at one of her favorite Atlanta landmarks: “I have a lot of respect and love for older women. I get that from hanging out at the Clermont Lounge. It’s a combination strip club and assisted living facility. My favorite stripper is Blondie. If you give her $10, she’ll crush a beer can between her breasts. At the Clermont, the emphasis is on recycling.”