Jane Fonda to depart Atlanta after 19 years as a resident


On her personal blog Monday, two-time Oscar winner and Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention founder Jane Fonda announced she was departing the city after nearly two decades.

“This is a hard blog to write,” begins Fonda. “I have been in Atlanta for 19 years…my decision to move to Los Angeles has not been easy.”

Here at Intel Central, the news doesn’t come as a total shock.

A few months back, Fonda met with the G-CAPP board to appoint two additional co-chairs to handle the day-to-day aspects of the state-wide non-profit. She will remain the chair.

And when we broached the subject of her new boyfriend, legendary record producer Richard Perry during a phone call last month, Fonda positively purred through the phone.

“It’s never too late, let me just say that!” quipped Fonda.

Perry, you see, lives on the left coast.

In her blog, Fonda also cited the closer proximity to the Hollywood executives who can provide her with film work that will later translate into star-studded premieres here for G-CAPP.

On Saturday, hundreds of G-CAPP supporters turned out for Fonda’s World Fitness Day benefit for G-CAPP held at the Georgia Dome downtown.

Twenty years ago, Fonda relocated to our fair city with then-husband and CNN founder Ted Turner, who himself is only a part-time Atlanta resident these days with a primary residence in Florida and various holdings out west.

Reassures Fonda in the blog: “I will be coming back often to my adopted city.”

Fonda closes the entry by announcing that her Poncey-Highland loft is for sale or rent.