Lionsgate unveils first trailer for locally shot Heigl-Kutcher comedy ‘Killers’


Intel has gotten a peek at the first trailer for Lionsgate’s upcoming “Killers” and can report that the film starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl looks like a lot of fun.

Locals will recall the romantic comedy thrill ride directed by Robert Luketic (who also directed our own Jane Fonda in “Monster In Law” and Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde”) was shot in and around Atlanta last year.

In the flick, Kutcher plays Spencer Aimes, a retired spy who falls for Heigl’s Jen Kornfeldt in Italy. Natch, the pair marry quickly without Aimes explaining what it is he does for a living.

Three years later, the couple is living an idyllic suburban life when hired assassins invade suburbia to take Spencer out.

As Aimes takes a large knife and cuts out an equally large gun hidden inside the passenger seat underneath his shrieking wife during a car chase, he informs her: “Let’s just say I work for the blah, blah, blah and they gave me a license to blah.”

Most of the action-oriented, bullet-riddled scenes were shot in the picturesque Tributary subdivision, south of the city in Douglasville. More than 100 local extras helped out on the shoot.

In the film’s trailer, Heigl’s parents are portrayed by the scene-stealing Catherine O’Hara who’s married to straight-laced Tom Selleck (we know he’s difficult to live with since O’Hara consumes her Bloody Marys straight from the pitcher).

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star’s comedic skills demonstrated in big screen hits, including “Knocked Up,” also appear put to good use as well in “Killers,”  including her hilarious now-trademark scream.

And Kutcher?

Well, he spends most of the two-minute trailer sans shirt.

Alas, as far as we could tell, none of Kutcher’s practical joke on CNN founder Ted Turner (the “Punk’d” creator ding-dong ditched Turner at his downtown Ted’s Montana Grill location here last year after he beat CNN to one million followers on Twitter) made it onto the screen.

“The Killers” (originally shot here under the title “Five Killers”) bows in theaters June 4.

To see the trailer, click here