Playoff-imperiled series with Phillies looms over Cox’s final weekend

In traditional come-from-behind fashion, the Atlanta Braves have pinned all playoff hopes on this weekend’s series with the Phillies at Turner Field.
To ratchet up the soap opera theatrics a smidge, Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s games are also outgoing Braves manager Bobby Cox‘s final regular season home games.
In other words, Cox’s evil twin (who’s been ejected from a record 158 MLB games) may even show up.
So, with a weekend with a lot on the line, the Braves front office has issued a few important fan tips.
With Saturday and Sunday’s games close to capacity, Standing Room Only tickets are being sold to fans for $20 each.
If you’re planning to attend the Brave’s star-studded pre-game salute to Cox, you must be in your seat no later than 3 p.m. Saturday.
Braves reps are also encouraging fans to leave early for all three games, pre-purchase tickets and parking online and consider taking MARTA to Turner Field.
On Sunday, the Braves Band of the Year winner Space Capone will be chillaxing in their own private, fully catered suite to enjoy the game after beating out 30 other bands who performed at The Ted this season.
The members of Space Capone will also score VIP passes and face time with the members of REO “Keep on Loving You” Speedwagon on Sunday when their play a post-game show at the stadium.
Here’s hoping that Braves fans are in the mood to stick around (holding aloft their flickering cigarette lighter smart phone apps, naturally) Sunday to sing the cheesy 1980s power ballad after the Bravos secure a spot in the wild card race.