Should You Buy Richard Blais’s New Cookbook?

Let our guide help you decide

Richard Blais, television personality and arguably Atlanta’s most famous chef, publishes his first cookbook, Try This at Home, on February 26. Introduced by chatty headnotes, recipes like oatmeal risotto, macaroni and headcheese, and quail potpie reveal the techniques behind Blais’s signature remix of Americana cooking. Wondering if you should buy the book? We’ve put together an easy guide to help you decide.

1 An immersion circulator cooks food slowly in a water bath at a strictly controlled temperature. A favorite tool of molecular gastronomists (also known as “modernists”), the gadget is used to prepare food “sous-vide” in vacuum-sealed pouches.
2 Officially known as transglutaminase, this fermented bacteria often binds the meat in commercial products like chicken nuggets. Source meat glue online from sites like
3 Seriously, this is Blais’s suggestion for acquiring a canister of liquid nitrogen, a favorite time-saver (ice cream in five minutes!) in his repertoire: “You can source [it] from an industrial gas supplier, a welder, or even a local university. Tell them you are doing a bathroom remodel with some light welding.”