Spotted! Robert Pattinson in Georgia filming “Water for Elephants”


Georgia’s rural northwestern city of Chickamauga probably hasn’t seen this much action since the September of 1863.

Wildly tasteless Civil War battle references aside, the city, located at the foot of Lookout Mountain, became a location over the weekend for the feature film production of “Water for Elephants.”

How does Intel know this, sitting in our plush Intel Central HQ in Atlanta?

For starters, the film stars Robert Pattinson and the “Twilight” star can’t move more than a few inches without an army of “Team Edward 4Ever!!! :)” teen girls and celebrity bloggers recording the movement.

For last weekend’s exteriors shoot, fan sites, including RobPattzNews, even managed to score photos of the period-garbed star in action. Walking. Outside. And. Even. Smiling.


The film is based on the critically acclaimed novel by Sara Gruen about the 93-year-old Jacob Jankowski (Hal Holbrook) reflecting on his career as a circus veterinarian (Patttinson) during the Great Depression.

Actress Reese Witherspoon plays Marlena, a circus performer and the very married object of Jacob’s affection in the film.

Oscar-winning “Inglourious Basterds” baddie Christoph Waltz, meanwhile, plays August, the brutal abusive circus owner (somebody telegraph PETA quick!) and Marlena’s hubby in the film.

In other words, fans rooting for the inevitable Pattinson/Witherspoon hookup will now will be required to purchase the previously unthinkable Team Jacob T-shirt. . .

“Water for Elephants” is due in theaters next spring.