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Women Making a Mark 2024

Han Pham

In a time of ever-decreasing civic engagement, Han Pham is a tonic. As the executive director of Her Term, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women run for seats in the Georgia legislature, she strives to make politics less daunting—and more inclusive.

Ebony Austin

Ebony Austin developed a love for hospitality at an early age, helping out with her mother’s takeout space while growing up in Chicago. Though she took a detour—first to a corporate career at Godiva and then on to found her own real estate company—serving others has always been on her mind.

Anne Dennington

Since 2010, Anne Dennington has managed Flux, taking it from one-day installations called Flux Nights to projects executed over the course of years. But every project has the same goal: to make art more accessible and reflective of Atlanta while ensuring that everyone sees it for free.

Rising Star: Akanksha Manna

In the early days of the pandemic, Akanksha Manna moved to India to help take care of her grandfather after his cancer diagnosis. While the pair got to bond during his treatment, Manna knew many senior citizens were much lonelier, so when she returned to Atlanta, she started leading activities at senior living centers.

Dr. Anna Moore

The Howard School, which has been open since 1950 and was founded by an Agnes Scott College graduate who had cerebral palsy, provides education and resources for children with language-based learning differences. Dr. Anna Moore serves as only the fifth head of the school.

Christine Whitaker

Christine Whitaker has made it her mission at Comcast to increase Atlanta’s reputation as a booming technological hub, specifically serving at-need communities with more widespread broadband access and providing free internet services to millions of low-income individuals.

Jesslyn Rollins

“Several years ago, my mom had breast cancer, and when she was going through chemotherapy treatments, she was so sick and so dehydrated that she needed IVs, but the nurses kept blowing out her veins,” Jesslyn Rollins recalls.

Cookie Smoak

People love working with Cookie Smoak. She’s worked for Delta Air Lines twice, the Orlando CVB twice, and the Atlanta CVB twice. Now, the ATL Airport District Convention and Visitors Bureau has the lucky distinction of having her serve as president, a position she’s held for the last 11 years.

Marci Overstreet

Years ago, when Marci Overstreet’s children were graduating high school, she realized she needed to find somewhere to grow old. As a lifelong southwest Atlanta resident, she knew she wanted to stay, but the community would need some improvements so it could age with her. So, she ran for city council.

Karla Harris

“My parents had a great stack of very eclectic albums, and I would listen to them on Saturdays after doing my chores, sometimes putting on shows for imaginary audiences,” says Karla Harris. Her favorites? Jazz greats such as Nancy Wilson and Billie Holiday.

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