Strawn Brewing Company

Strawn Brewing Company
Photograph courtesy of Strawn Brewing Company

Surely it doesn’t get any more intimate than this—enter the brewery to a host of hellos from regulars who’ve taken up their weekly perch. A schnauzer greets you at the door—you’re okay, come on in. Extended family pours samples behind the bar, and if the munchies take hold, scoop up popcorn, Chex mix, or roasted peanuts from the community bowl in the corner.

The first batch of Strawn ale was brewed in 2012, an Amber Ale that was smooth and easy with a mild hop on the finish. The beer menu has since expanded with the usual suspects, namely a classic IPA and a nice American wheat. We enjoyed the Scottish-style ale, a slight departure from the solid but more familiar round-up. It’s none too heavy at 5.5% ABV, with caramel malt and pleasing coffee aroma. Bottled beer is said to be in the works.

Good to know: Strawn may be known as “the working man’s brewery”—founders Will Strawn, Lamar Strawn, and Doug Evans launched in 2012 while still holding down day jobs. Like a lot of brewers pinching their pennies to get started, the brewery uses equipment that was rescued and/or re-purposed (the mash tun used to be dairy tank).

Address: 27 Word Street, Fairburn

Hours of Operation:
Saturday, 2-6 p.m.


Pets: OK