Bill Campbell

(b. 1953)

By the time Campbell had served as a federal prosecutor, helped defeat the proposed Presidential Parkway, and won election as mayor in 1993, the charismatic, handsome lawyer seemed destined for big things. During his two terms as mayor, Campbell oversaw the building of Philips Arena and the replacement of the notorious East Lake Meadows housing project. But as prosecutors claimed at his 2006 federal racketeering trial, much of his time in office was spent shaking down city contractors and steering city business to cronies—when he wasn’t squiring mistresses or gambling with illicit cash. He served just shy of 800 minimum-security days outside Miami for three counts of tax evasion. Now seen more around the city, his law license surrendered, Campbell is said to be eager to rebuild his reputation.

Young Pioneer As a boy, Campbell integrated his elementary school in his hometown of Raleigh.

This article originally ran in the May 2011 issue