How gross is your purse?

It may have more bacteria than a toilet

Ladies, what do you do with your purse when you’re eating at a restaurant? Or what if there’s no hook when you’re in a restroom stall? This will make you think more than twice about putting your handbag anywhere near the floor.

One in five purses carries more bacteria than the average toilet, according to a study reported in Medical News Today. Conducted by the British company Initial Washroom Hygiene, the study suggests that purse bacteria can be dangerous to our health.

It’s because we put our purses down in so many places, and we rarely clean them.

The worst material is leather because it’s porous and is the perfect breeding ground for germs.

The solution? Clean your bag often with antibacterial wipes and don’t forget the inside where icky creams and other stuff can spill. And don’t put your purse down in gross places.