House Envy: Survive a nuclear blast in this $17.5-million underground shelter

“The Facility,” the only privately owned bunker in the nation, is up for grabs

Less than three hours south of Atlanta, near Tifton, Georgia, one of the most unique properties in the country is buried 45 feet underground. The “luxury” bunker can withstand a 20,000-ton nuclear blast and comes complete with safety features such as a decontamination shower, three-foot thick concrete walls, and environmental monitoring equipment. Tests have shown that 30 people can survive for a year in the self-contained facility. But safety doesn’t come cheap: Survivalist types who want this level of protection will need to shell out $17.5 million.

Although it was built in 1969, during the height of the Cold War, the underground lair has not actually been occupied by paranoid preppers. Rather, it has served as a commercial training facility for communications, thanks to its inability to be infiltrated by electromagnetic interference. Accommodations for trainees, including military personnel, include four 600-square-foot, two-bedroom apartments—each with its own kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom. All up, the roughly 14,000 square feet of living and working space has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, five kitchens, plus a 15-person movie theater, library, conference room, gym, and a classroom/theater.

A $2.5-million renovation in 2012 brought the massive bunker up to EPA standards. Today, the self-sufficient shelter offers everything doomsayers need to get by: its own three-phase power plant with solar backup, an air filtration system, aquifer access, and secure air intake systems. For those who want a touch of modernism, it also comes equipped with HVAC and two DSL broadband lines for internet access. When claustrophobia inevitably sets in (assuming the world hasn’t been nuked out of existence), the owner can travel up to the surface where they’ll find an outdoor firing range on the 32-acre lot.

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