Room Envy: A soft and serene home office

How interior designer Shawn Amtower put the space together

Room Envy: A soft and serene home office

Photograph by Sarah Dorio

Keeping it simple but elegant, interior designer Shawn Amtower relied on two winning surfaces for this soft and serene office: white oak and gold/brass tone. This project is a gold winner in our 2023 Georgia Design Awards.

Get to work
The oak and brass desk by Julian Chichester started it all. “It was modern and feminine at the same time,” says Amtower. “I found the desk first and then matched the finish for the cabinetry.”

Store it
Kingdom Woodworks designed the custom cabinetry to match the white oak on the desk. They made sure it has storage for a printer, files, and a charging station.

Sit in style
White chairs with gold frames, from RH, are symmetrical anchors to the room.

See-through shape
Amtower went understated with the RH light fixtures, saying, “The glass layered perfectly in front of the cabinetry and didn’t distract from the details there.”

Design Tip: Throw in a wild card. As a contrast to the soft-spoken decor, the designer chose a blackened-steel accent table from R Hughes, which functions almost like a piece of artwork.

This article appears in our December 2023 issue.