Room Envy: A tranquil outdoor yoga studio in Serenbe

Meditating in this backyard? Don't have to ask us twice.

Room Envy

Photograph by Jeff Herr

While planning her family’s new house in Serenbe, yoga instructor Jeny Mathis dreamed up an in-ground labyrinth and yoga studio as the heart of the backyard design, for aesthetics and spiritual and physical wellness. She uses the space for personal respite as well as a setting for her business, Zoetic, which offers yoga, meditation classes, and retreats.

Serene spiral
“A labyrinth is a metaphor for life’s journey,” says Mathis, whose meditation classes include labyrinth walks. The pavers and mondo grass were installed into the ground so a table and chairs can be placed on top for entertaining.

Lounge love
An adjacent sitting area has limestone floors, Sunbrella-covered swivel chairs, and a table for snacks, making it cozy for both yoga clients and family time.

Clean surfaces
Mathis’s yoga studio features bifold doors, light cork floors, and all-white walls to help keep the space light and airy.

Details, details
Cedar beams above doors, strings of LED lights, and art by photographer (and neighbor) Rob Brinson add ambience to the peaceful space.

Don’t forget sound as another soothing element: A turquoise ceramic fountain in the corner provides a constant water gurgle, and installed speakers are at the ready for streaming music.

This article appears in our August 2018 issue.