This courtyard in Vern Yip’s Rosemary Beach vacation house is his favorite getaway

This house is a daydream

Room envy

Photograph by David A. Land

Vacation homes should be about fun, not chores, so celebrity interior designer and TV host Vern Yip created a low-maintenance courtyard at his family’s Rosemary Beach house, an escape from daily life in Atlanta.

Lighten up
White is the Botox of paint colors, making everything look fresher, writes Vern in his new book, Vern Yip’s Vacation at Home: Design Ideas for Creating Your Everyday Getaway. This outdoor room is surrounded by hard-coat stucco and doors all in white.

Bird’s-eye view
The balcony above is right off the kitchen and home to a grill. “It’s fun to be up there and watch the matches below,” says Vern.

Attachment issues
A stucco serving table is attached to the wall. Pinecone lights were purchased on a family trip to Sicily. “They adorned entrances all over the area, sym­bolizing warmth and hospi­tality,” says Vern.

Game on
Vern designed a white dining table made of Cambria quartz that morphs into a regulation-size ping-pong table with a removable quartz “net.”

Floor facts
The designer salvaged these travertine floor tiles from the previous house on their lot.

Bigger is better. Fewer but larger items are smart choices in many spaces, most of all outside. Vern’s oversized Dedon planter and large-scale copper lighting from the Coppersmith fill the space with confidence.

This article appears in our August 2019 issue.