March 2015: The 90s



03Mar15Spring Style Guide
Atlanta’s fashion new guard showcases the season’s trends.
Produced by Mary Logan Bikoff

The 90s
The 1990s were perhaps our city’s most transformative decade. A guide through the years with:
Peter Applebome on Georgia’s changing politics
Doug Blackmon on Bill Campbell
Tom Johnson on CNN’s groundbreaking war coverage
Lee Walburn on the Braves’ miracle season
Errin Haines Whack and Rebecca Burns on Freaknik
Michelle Hiskey on our Olympic legacy
PLUS Babyface, TLC, the hero firefighter, the Powerpuff Girls, and crazy nights in Buckhead
Edited by Rebecca Burns

Editor’s Note 1990s Atlanta: A city in the making

Ich bin ein Atlantan
 When Mercedes-Benz moves its U.S. headquarters to Atlanta, workers will fit right in
Case files When should a DA heed the wishes of crime victims?
Driving Dr. King Tom Houck, MLK’s family driver
Domo arigato Georgia Tech’s robotic advances
Meet the Other Mayors Waleska’s Doris Jones
Versus Saint Patrick’s Day parades
On the shelf Jim Auchmutey’s The Class of ’65

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