November 2012: Southern Issue


How Southern Are We?
What does it mean to “be Southern,” and how do we fit into the picture? This month, we explored Atlanta’s regional identity through essays, photos, expressions, recipes, and a quirky look at accents. PLUS:
> Read about our identity crisis
> Take our quiz to find out how Southern you are
> View stats on how Southern Atlantans are

Essays by Daniel Black, Kathryn Stockett, James C. Cobb, Isabel Wilkerson, and four others · Recipes by Carvel Grant Gould, Linton Hopkins, Darryl Evans, and Aaron Russell · A look at the ritual of cotillion · Honey Boo Boo · Preserving Georgia’s past · A mathematical examination of four Southern magazines · Matthews Cafeteria · Nathalie Dupree’s Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking · Gifts that say Atlanta

This Land Is My Land
In the high country of North Georgia, an old bootlegger and a gun merchant feuded for years over a quarter-mile property line. It ended in the worst possible way.
By Tony Rehagen

Sunday Morning
If there’s one time of week that Atlanta is indisputably Southern, it’s Sunday morning. A look at Atlanta’s churches.
Photographs by David Walter Banks and Kendrick Brinson

Editor’s Note On being a Yankee in the South

Dialect Is there an Atlanta accent?
Expressions Explaining “bless your heart” and everything else
How to predict them and how the South figures in
The origins of “Dirty South”
Poetry Natasha Trethewey on her Southern identity
Classic and contemporary Southern recommendations
Essay Spreading grandmother’s ashes all over Atlanta

Opinion Our food scene won’t truly shine until we move beyond Southern clichés
Meat The appeal of country ham
Bread The state of biscuits
Tattoos These eight chefs love pork so much, they tattooed it on themselves [PHOTOS]

Style How to dress like a Southern gentleman
Hospitality How to be a good host
Enjoy a Southern staycation around town

Hollis Gillespie On collards