20 fun things to do with kids in Atlanta

20. Play detective with Clue Town Books

Things to do with kids Atlanta Clue Town Books
Photograph by Jay Carlson

Want to spend a day searching for clues, finding your way with a compass, and solving puzzles while you learn more about Atlanta’s parks, landmarks, and trails? Then Clue Town Books is for you. The four-year-old company, started by stay-at-home dad Jay Carlson, sells paper pamphlets for between $7 and $15. The booklets come with a pencil and a plastic compass and take you on walkable hunts around places like Piedmont Park, Oakland Cemetery, and Virginia-Highland. Some of the clues might seem a little advanced for kids under 12, but so long as someone can read, it’s good family fun.

Here are Carlson’s favorite titles for littles:

  1. The Grant Park mini-hunt (about 40 minutes). “It’s in the park itself, with lots of great green space, so you don’t have to worry about cars. A six-year-old can handle the compass and help with the mazes and connect-the-dots.”
  2. The Oakland Cemetery full hunt (about 90 minutes). “It’s a best-seller, great for birthdays. I naively thought my customers would be adults who like Sudoku and crossword, but it’s attracting families that like to do outdoor activities together.”