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Atlanta journalist Allison Entrekin pens a children’s book about flying away from the herd

Atlanta journalist Allison Entrekin pens a children’s book about flying away from the flock

It’s never too early to start teaching values, and Atlanta journalist and author Allison Entrekin’s new book, The Goose Who Talked to the Wind, accomplishes that with a subtlety children won’t even notice. Targeted at ages 3 to 5, the 32-page illustrated story tells a tale of an unnamed goose who hears a message from the wind, guiding him to go in a different direction from his flock.
Kids swim lessons Atlanta

A sought-after Atlanta swim instructor’s recipe for success

“I’m not typically a kid person,” says Coach Marci. “I don’t have any children of my own, so I’m not super emotional about children. I think that gives me an advantage.” The advantage: teaching kids to swim, which Marci does in weeklong clinics from spring to fall. She isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy in coach mode, but she’s become a sought-after instructor in certain circles among parents who send kids as young as six months.

5 Things to know before you visit The Little Mermaid experience at Camp

Another immersive experience for children has launched—this one in Dunwoody. Camp is a new store, play space, and interactive show with eight locations across the country. Each Camp location features a different theme—in Dunwoody, Camp partnered with Disney to create a Little Mermaid experience. Here's what to know before you take the kids.

A new Disney experience at Armour Yards will be a delight for kids

Like everything Disney, the Immersive Disney Animation experience is upbeat and playful. At one-and-a-half hours, it can get monotonous for adults, but my children never got bored.

Atlanta’s Lego Discovery Center reopens with new attractions—what to know before you go

After 10 years on the third floor of Phipps Plaza, the LEGO Discovery Center shut its doors for renovation in September 2022. Today, it reopens with four new activities, plus additional reinvigorated areas. The $5 million-dollar renovation covers more than 35,000 square feet and 10 zones ranging from building areas to a 4-D theater.

Sloomoo Institute brings slime back into the spotlight: What to know before you go

Sloomoo dubs itself as a “celebration of sensory play.” Glue-based slime is the main attraction, and here, it comes in an endless assortment of textures and colors. Kinetic sand, familiar sounds, and meditative abstract videos provide other methods of well-paced simulation.
Covid-19 in Atlanta schools

The delta variant changed everything for schoolchildren

Like a perfect storm, the onslaught of the more transmissible delta variant coincided with the start of school, and now, rates of new Covid infections are rising faster among school-aged children than among adults.
Teaching kids to ride a bike in Atlanta

How to teach your kids to ride bikes safely in a city built for cars

Can you ever feel comfortable letting children bike solo around a city with countless hills and roaring cars, one that’s still recovering from generations of autocentric planning? Is that traditional rite-of-passage still safe? Absolutely.
How to have a fun—yet safe—Halloween in Atlanta this year

How to have a fun—yet safe—Halloween in Atlanta this year

Halloween doesn't have to be entirely cancelled, as long as you take certain safety measures and celebrate responsibly. Here are a few tips and suggestions from health experts and local parents.
Visiting Zoo Atlanta in the pandemic

What’s it like taking your kids to the zoo during a pandemic?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the closing of schools, daycares, and attractions around the city, it’s become harder to fill the time. But a friend suggested I take my two young kids to Zoo Atlanta, and after learning about the safety measures, I decided to give it a try.

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