20 fun things to do with kids in Atlanta

2. Whoosh along the world’s longest zip line tour

Historic Banning Mills Flight of the Falcon zip line
Photograph courtesy of Historic Banning Mills

Step off the top of Historic Banning Mills’ highest timber-pole tower, as tall as a 30-story building, and you’re in the clutches of the Flight of the Falcon zip line, sweeping into a gorge, whizzing over treetops and babbling Snake Creek at 60 miles per hour until gravity and your gloved hand apply the brakes a half mile later. It’s one of the fastest (but not longest) line of more than 100 strung across 300 gorgeous acres, 45 minutes west of Atlanta. With 10 miles of cable, this adventurers mecca holds the Guinness World Record for the longest collection of zip lines on the planet. (Price range: $19 for children’s aerial course to $249 for eight-hour canopy tour.)