Made in Atlanta: Find local, handmade goods from these 70+ indie makers

BY - November 19, 2018

Made in Atlanta
Photograph by Tropico Photo

Everybody loves a good story, so there’s something special about knowing the person who actually made the jewelry you’re wearing, the handbag you’re carrying, or the food you’re serving. It’s a comforting antidote in a world of fast fashion and disposable goods. And with Atlanta’s cleverly curated galleries and online sources, it’s easier than ever to shop local. In our hunt for the best, we discovered an amazing wealth of creativity, from furniture-builders to cheesemongers. The great news? Many of these small-batch makers use fair-trade, sustainable materials and donate portions of their proceeds to nonprofits.

By Kate Abney, Jess Graves, Betsy RileyMara Shalhoup, and Jennifer Zyman

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