You asked, we answered: 34 things you probably don’t know about Atlanta

How many cold cases does the Atlanta Police Department have on file?

Since the force started keeping records in the late 1930s, says Carlos Campos, APD’s communications director, roughly 1,600 homicides have gone unsolved. The older the case, the more difficult to solve. A homicide today in the city has an 84 percent chance of resulting in an arrest. Compare that to the national clearance rate of 59 percent. “We have an excellent homicide unit in this city,” Campos says. Still, two recent cases in particular have left detectives perplexed: the killing of Rodrigo Castillo, who was shot and killed on I-20 while driving home in 2018 from a date, and Lavonda Finklea, shot to death the same year while waiting at a drive-thru on Metropolitan Parkway. Police think the killings were random. When it comes to prioritizing cold cases, Campos says, it comes down to solvability: Is there a new angle or a new witness—or a new technology—that could lead to an arrest?

This article appears in our November 2019 issue.