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How much can an Atlanta stripper make on a great night?

It depends where the dancer works and her (or his) level of experience. A dancer who just started working at a club might opt for table dances, which can range from $10 to $20, over a VIP experience, which can be more than $200. (Much like the music industry, where albums are intended to spur listeners to purchase a more expensive concert ticket, stage dances in strip clubs are often aimed at enticing a patron to purchase a table dance or, more preferably, a high-dollar VIP session, which means more money for the dancer and the club.)

At the Cheetah, if you’re willing and able to strap on minimum four-inch heels, you can potentially pull $2,000 in a single night. One dancer who’s been performing for five years told us, if you take the work seriously, you can easily make six figures working three or four nights a week. Another dancer who worked at the Pink Pony said she made $120 on her worst night and $2,100 on her best.

The work is physically demanding: One dancer described the environment as toxic, referencing cigarette smoke, constantly sore muscles and feet (from dancing in those heels all night), and a crazy sleep schedule. And don’t think dancers keep every dollar they collect; tipping out bartenders, house moms, security, and other club employees is de rigueur.

This article appears in our November 2019 issue.