23. Casey Cagle

Illustration by Alex Fine
Illustration by Alex Fine

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Age 49
Georgia’s first Republican lieutenant governor has had more than his share of ups and downs since taking office in 2006. He withdrew from the 2009 governor’s race, citing health reasons. Then, in 2010, after a disagreement over tax policy, a cabal of state senators stripped Cagle of much of his power to control legislation. But after that group imploded, his power was largely restored in 2013. Since then, Cagle has been building a campaign war chest and quietly solidifying his status as the presumed gubernatorial front-runner for 2018.

Brewhaha Cagle made some enemies this year for helping kill a bill that would have expanded the selling power of brewpubs. (He’s received hefty campaign checks from alcohol wholesalers and distributors.)

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This article originally appeared in our October 2015 issue.