33. Mike Mandl

Illustration by Alex Fine
Illustration by Alex Fine

Focus Healthcare, Business Education
Age 52
The president and CEO of Emory Healthcare has some pretty big scrubs to fill succeeding John Fox, who led Georgia’s largest hospital system for 16 years before Mandl took over in March. Despite Emory’s Ebola-fighting prestige, Mandl’s off to a rocky start; WellStar recently pulled out of merger negotiations for which he’d been the self-described “quarterback.” A power struggle over who would run the new combined organization reportedly scuttled the talks.

Numbers guy While Mandl doesn’t have a background in medicine, he does have a knack for data. A CPA by training, Mandl worked for KPMG and GlaxoSmithKline before moving into university administration.

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This article originally appeared in our October 2015 issue.