Our favorite costumes from Dragon Con 2022

This is your year, we can feel it


As Dragon Con continues its march toward pre-pandemic levels, 2022 gave us a strong showing of cosplay. With roughly 50 percent more attendees—now 65,000—allowed in than last year, the bar was set high across all things pop culture, gaming, memes, and classic con-attire.

Stranger Things once again dominated the con as it had in 2019, this time through Eddie Munson and unnamed fellow members of his misunderstood Hellfire Club. There was no Vecna to merge realities at this Dragon Con, however. For that, you’d need an Everything Bagel. But this Multiverse of Madness was more than just familiar heroes and villains. You couldn’t turn a corner without running into an Egyptian god of travelers, the Dark Lord of Sithmas, Nic Cage, or a covert of Mandalorians pointing out that this is the way to the Con Suite.

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