Report: Loganville has the worst commute in metro Atlanta

Who else made the top 10? Here’s a hint: Gwinnett
Traffic on Saturday, March 29, downtown Atlanta

James Burns

Last fall I taught a class in Athens that met two days a week. The 140-mile round trip trek from downtown Atlanta to the University of Georgia campus wasn’t exactly fun. But sorry as I felt for myself, I felt even sorrier for the drivers I would pass on my return to the city, a stream of cars crawling along 78, hitting a bottleneck between Snellville and Loganville. “At least I don’t have that drive every day,” I would think to myself. “It’s got to be one of the worst commutes in Atlanta.”

Well, now there are some stats to confirm that hunch. According to a new study by the consumer finance website NerdWallet, the worst commutes in metro Atlanta are along the 78 corridor, topped by Loganville, Snellville, and Lawrenceville.

The study examined financial costs (gas and insurance) and time wasted (length of commute and congestion). The analysis included all commute drive times, not just trips from the suburbs to downtown Atlanta.

While the average metro-area commute takes 28.7 minutes each way, Loganville residents spend 36.2 minutes driving to and from work—or one hour and 12 minutes daily. “Five of the suburbs that made our top-10 list were in Gwinnett County,” noted researcher John Kuo. “Their rankings were driven by the county’s high gas prices and long commutes.”

 The Worst Commutes in Metro Atlanta

(the average time commuters spent traveling each way)

1. Loganville

36.2 minutes

2. Snellville 

32.3 minutes

3. Lawrenceville 

32.8 minutes

4. Riverdale 

29.1 minutes

5. Suwanee 

31.8 minutes

6. Woodstock 

33.7 minutes

7. Villa Rica 

28.74 minutes.

8. Sugar Hill

30.6 minutes

9. Douglasville 

30.9 minutes

10. Fayetteville 

33.1 minutes