Video of the Day: The Walking Dead Season 6 Comic-Con trailer is insane

Has Rick finally gone off the deep end?
The Walking Dead Season 6
Deanna and Rick in season 6

Photograph courtesy of AMC

At this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, AMC revealed the new trailer for The Walking Dead‘s upcoming 6th season, and it is something. It appears our Rick Grimes Crazy-O-Meter will be off the charts all season long, as the sheriff seems to have finally gone off the rails for good. Most of the Alexandrites, and even Rick’s friends, seem skeptical of his leadership prowess. (Andrew Lincoln even told Entertainment Weekly that Rick is “coco-loco crossed with a little bit of batshit, smeared with a side portion of really not well.”) Also: We finally see how Morgan reacts to Rick’s execution of Pete in last season’s finale; Daryl has a dangerous run-in with persons unknown (our guess: the Wolves); and there are a lot of walker hordes. Get your death watch predictions ready, because this season looks especially gruesome.