Wrap battle: 3 expert tips for wrapping gifts

That’s a wrap! On your gift—and the end of your year.
Holiday gift wrapping
Rifle Paper Co. holiday flat wrap, $5.50 per sheet or $9.75 for a set of three rolls

Photograph by Wedig + Laxton

Prior to a 20-year career in stationery, Daniel Collier worked at a department store where he learned the art of gift wrapping. As the owner of local gift and paper shops the Merchant and Archer Paper Goods, he knows a thing or two about fine presents—and presentation.

For wrapping, loads of designer papers will be heading to Collier’s shops this season. But he also loves casual options like basic Kraft paper, newspaper, canvas, or art papers. To expertly wrap your own gifts, try Collier’s tips:

Holiday gift wrapping
Ribbon is best for securing a package

Photograph by Wedig + Laxton

Ribbon is best for securing an entire package, so experiment with double rows (he’s a fan of solid silk, cotton yarn, or twine). Also, pass on curls . . . très passé! Instead, Collier suggests embellishing with candy canes, holiday sparklers, or a confetti push-pop by Thimblepress.

If you must reach for a bag, Collier says to grab a festive pattern, layer tissue paper liberally, and add a fun hang tag.

Buy an expensive pair of scissors and reserve them for use on paper and ribbon to keep them sharp. Wrap with firm pressure, trim excess, and airplane-fold edges inward before adhering with double-sided tape. themerchantatl.com, archerpaper.com

This article originally appeared in our December 2017 issue.