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AJC is latest newspaper to erect paywall to protect content

The free ride is about to end for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s many media moochers.

DragonCon CEO feeling pressure from proposed boycott

In the wake of an Atlanta magazine article last September that detailed the financial interest that DragonCon co-founder and accused child molester Ed Kramer still holds in the Atlanta sci-fi convention, a campaign calling for a boycott of the annual event has been gaining ground.

Corrupt Cops! Voter Fraud! Hookers at Fort Stewart!

In the 1960s, as Atlanta and its boosters jostled with other cities for attention, staffs of the rival Journal and Constitution hustled for scoops.

MARTA audit caveat: Low wages counterbalance costly benefits

On Monday, MARTA released an independent audit that cited employee benefits as one major drain on the cash-strapped transit authority. On Tuesday, this appeared on the front page of the AJC print edition:

Jay Bookman’s cool wisdom for transportation tax skeptics

One of the things I love about AJC columnist Jay Bookman's work is that it's insightful without being inciteful. Take it from a former opinion columnist, that's not easy.

Transportation referendum: Is the AJC being a downer?

On Sunday, the AJC provided an in-depth look at how the proposed transportation sales tax will affect commute times. This being the Twitter age, it's safe to assume many readers delved only as far as the article's downer of a lede:
Centennial Olympic Park Bombing Memorial

Requiem for a Reporter: Kathy Scruggs

In her heyday, Kathy Scruggs was a hard-drinking, tough-talking police reporter who wasn't afraid of anything. Her raucous sense of humor was what I loved most about her.

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