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Q&A: New editor-in-chief Leroy Chapman shares his vision for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Q&A: New editor-in-chief Leroy Chapman shares his vision for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Leroy Chapman is leaning into this moment with a sense of awe and reverence. On March 23, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution announced the 52-year-old would become the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, a promotion from his role as deputy managing editor. It’s a historic first, marking the first time in the newspaper's 155-year history that a Black person has served in this capacity.

60 Voices: Jim Galloway and Greg Bluestein on covering Georgia politics

AJC legend Jim Galloway and AJC chief political reporter Greg Bluestein on national political superstars, the state's shift to purple, and why "Georgia is the nexus now."
The Suspect Richard Jewell book

Irony abounds in the Richard Jewell film. A new book, The Suspect, tells the definitive story

There are ironies within ironies at work within and around Clint Eastwood’s film, Richard Jewell. For one thing, the movie, which at times reduces journalists to odious caricatures, is itself based on two pieces of remarkable journalism.
Creative Loafing

A long, strange trip: The oral history of Creative Loafing

Family feuds, hostile takeovers, sewage in the newsroom, sex workers in the lobby, fearless reporting, and a man named Mud—the very weird, very true history of Creative Loafing, the alt weekly the internet still hasn’t killed.
Rodney Ho

The AJC’s Rodney Ho watches every reality TV show so you don’t have to

Ho has watched every episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and written more than 136,000 words of weekly recaps. And he knows what his audience wants.

A look inside Atlanta’s halls of power

We take a look behind the scenes were the strings are pulled and the wheels are turned
Kevin Riley

43. Kevin Riley

When Riley took over as editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in early 2011, morale at Georgia’s largest daily newspaper was in the toilet. Falling ad revenue had forced his predecessor to pare the newsroom by almost half, to 230.
John Kessler

One Last Bite: The AJC’s John Kessler on leaving Atlanta

John Kessler is leaving the AJC at a time when newspaper budgets are shrinking, institutional knowledge is expendable, and the traditional restaurant critic is being treated more and more like a quaint anachronism.

Hashtag of the Year: Atlanta History Center’s #wouldagrammed

Why lefties should follow Erick Erickson's tweets, why conservatives should listen to James E. Carter IV, and three reasons to pony up for the AJC's paywall. Also, the year's best Instagram hashtag is historic.

Evidently Atlanta is the worst city for newspapers

In case you missed it—and you probably did, because as you’ll soon learn, Atlantans don’t read much news—Atlanta is the worst city in the country for newspaper readership.

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