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The Goat Farm quintuples in size but maintains its homegrown arts ethos

The Goat Farm returns with a historic renovation

While the new development will include nonartist residents, artists have been and always will be the focal point. Each residential building features studio and performance spaces on the ground level. By creating a sustainable funding source for art, the residential model affirms a central Goat Farm mission: Everyone involved contributes to the arts ecosystem.
Goat Farm Atlanta redevelopment

The Goat Farm Arts Center will soon be five times bigger. Can it hold on to its magic?

Later this year, the roughly 500 artists who build, create, and essentially live at the Goat Farm will relocate to spaces in Castleberry Hill, Old Fourth Ward, downtown Atlanta, and other areas as the property begins a $250 million redevelopment. The transformation, which will add live-work units and a hotel, will allow the Goat Farm to expand its mission, the owner says.

My Style: Allie Bashuk, cofounder of Dream Warriors Foundation

Whether Allie Bashuk is working to empower women and nonbinary individuals through her nonprofit, Dream Warriors Foundation; producing large-scale event installations as codirector of Brutal Studio; or bringing the city’s artists together as a director at the Goat Farm Arts Center, this creative powerhouse is helping foster culture and community in Atlanta.

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