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Tin Lizzy cofounder to open beachy Chiringa in Alpharetta City Center

A spinoff of Andy McKoski's Florida restaurant Chiringo, Chiringa will have a laid-back beachy vibe and offer fresh seafood, fish sandwiches, salads, and cocktails made with juice squeezed in-house.

Restaurant Holmes, the first restaurant at Alpharetta City Center, opens July 11

The first restaurant to open at Alpharetta City Center is designed to mirror the way former St. Cecilia chef Taylor Neary likes to dine—on simple, hyper-seasonal dishes created for sharing. Most of the menu's 20 plates are vegetable-based.

Citizen Soul will bring West Coast-style dishes (and plenty of beer) to Alpharetta

Come September, the new Alpharetta City Center will be home to a West Coast tavern called Citizen Soul. Created by Phillip Cooper, the man behind VIN25 bistro and wine bar in Roswell, Citizen Soul will serve California casual cuisine in an upscale environment.

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