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AMFM Festival Westside Trail Atlanta BeltLine

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine brings a new festival to Southwest Atlanta

From August 8-11, the Art.Movement.Film.Music Summer Fest will come alive along the Westside Trail in Oakland City, with visual art, live music, food trucks, panelists, affordable art shows, and more.
Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: September 6-12

Beer at Oktoberfest, more beer at the Old Fourth Ward Fall Festival, and light up the night at the BeltLine Lantern Parade

What defines graffiti as art or vandalism?

Is graffiti artistic expression? Vandalism? Criminal turf-staking? The lines between what’s acceptable and not have blurred.

6 great Atlanta home and garden events in September

There's plenty of great home and garden events coming up this month in Atlanta, including the Fall Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Living Expo, Serenbe Showhouse, Discover ADAC, and more.
Chantelle Rytter

Chantelle Rytter

Five hundred people showed up for the first Art on the Atlanta BeltLine lantern parade in 2010. Carrying homemade lights, they tromped up the dirt path between the dumpsters and hills of kudzu that, not long ago, dotted the Eastside Trail.

Public Art Display: Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

It’s only been around for five years but has already established itself as the largest temporary public arts event in the Southeast.

Preview: Art on the Atlanta BeltLine 2014

Now in its fifth year, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is the largest temporary public art exhibition in the Southeast, according to Elan Buchen, the BeltLine’s coordinator for art and design. This year, visual arts installations stretch not only along the Eastside Trail but also along six more miles of future BeltLine trails along the southeast and westside corridors.

Lantern Parade kicks off 2014 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

Hardy souls who attended early Art on the Atlanta BeltLine events clambered over abandoned rail lines and industrial right-of-ways. Back then, the idea of a twenty-two-mile transit loop through town seemed as fanciful as the kinetic sculptures on display.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine gets ready to light the night

Last weekend was packed with institutional Atlanta events such as DragonCon and the Decatur Book Festival, but this weekend marks the third anniversary of a younger civic tradition: Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, a three-month-long exhibition that brings visual and performance art to the BeltLine's twenty-two miles of trails, parks, and rail lines.

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