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Best of Atlanta 2015

Gallery for Emerging and Established Artists: Mason Fine Art

For more than a decade, Mason Fine Art has been a place where artists whose works are exhibited at major museums like the Whitney are displayed right alongside those who set up shop on Moreland Avenue.
Flux Night

15 Atlanta festivals to enjoy this November

Savor the fall season with outdoor art, craft beers, indie films, and more

Upgrade your nursery with Sweet Gemma’s whimsical art

Who says nursery room decor has to be twee? Not Lindsey Viscomi, a Druid Hills mom who was sick of scouring Etsy for stylish, affordable art for her two kids.

When is a knockoff a rip-off? An Atlanta artist finds the answer with a lawsuit

From the rigid and amateurish brushstrokes, the piano that caught Zheng Li’s eye in Z Gallerie definitely was not his work. But the angle and shape of the instrument—and even the color palette—were almost identical to his 2004 Piano No. 9.

What defines graffiti as art or vandalism?

Is graffiti artistic expression? Vandalism? Criminal turf-staking? The lines between what’s acceptable and not have blurred.


In Atlanta’s civic circles, “public art” is a popular buzzword. But too often the projects are created by outsiders with little connection to the communities where the art is installed. Arts nonprofit WonderRoot has a different vision.

Atlanta artist Tristan al-Haddad makes a statement on healthy cities at MODA

“Creator extraordinaire—with an exclamation point!” That’s how artist Tristan al-Haddad describes himself. His most recent work for the Museum of Design Atlanta is “Metro-Poly,” part of the larger “Design for Healthy Living” exhibit.

Dinner with art: Atlas’s spectacular dining room gallery

As restaurant concepts go, the one behind Atlas in Buckhead’s hyper-upscale St. Regis Hotel is a bold gamble. In addition to a $5 million design overhaul of the dining room—courtesy of the ubiquitous Johnson Studio—and an open kitchen whose consulting chef is Atlanta culinary icon Gerry Klaskala, Atlas boasts 23 museum-worthy paintings and drawings from one of the world’s foremost private art collections.

24 Atlanta festivals to experience in April

Atlanta's famous festival culture goes into overdrive during April. Dozens of fests celebrate everything from art and food to music and movies.

African Cosmos: Stellar Arts showcases Smithsonian items at Emory’s Carlos Museum

Ancient African astronomical traditions converge with contemporary art inspired by celestial visions in African Cosmos: Stellar Arts. The exhibit, which showcases more than 70 items from the Smithsonian collections, will be at Emory’s Carlos Museum through June.

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