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Field Notes: Cocktails and a car wash at Auto Spa Bistro in Midtown

With a little restaurant and bar housed in what is usually a waiting room littered with outdated magazines, a mundane chore suddenly becomes a leisure activity. And in the Bistro, the only reminder that you’re even at a car wash comes from the framed photos customers’ hot rods hung on the walls. Purple and white snakeskin chairs, a wall of plush violet velvet, and a granite bar stocked with bottles of liquor give off more of an ultralounge vibe.

Car Wash—With a Cocktail: Auto Spa Bistro

Midtown’s Auto Spa Bistro amps up a mundane chore with a tiny but efficient restaurant, where patrons can sip cocktails while watching the suds roll off their cars or relax in purple snakeskin chairs that are more ultra lounge than waiting room.

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