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Georgia farmers' mental health

Georgia’s largest industry faces a mental health crisis

Agriculture is the state’s largest industry, contributing more than 350,000 jobs and more than $74 billion to Georgia’s economy. With high risks and, often, thin profit margins for family-owned farms, social isolation, the vagaries of weather, and the burden of a multigenerational family legacy, the work can wreak havoc on mental health.
On a hillside orchard in Blairsville, a team of UGA researchers is creating a “Noah’s Ark” of forgotten Southern apples

A team of UGA researchers is creating a “Noah’s Ark” of forgotten Southern apples

Today, the orchard is home to 140 heirloom varieties, grown from wood cuttings snipped from trees found in niche orchards, rural backyards, and other sources across the Southeast—two trees of each, or “a Noah’s Ark of Southern apples,” as both Fuder and Mihm describe it. The work has yielded not just a cache of apple trees but also of oral histories from across the state.

Make like a green bean and half-run to Blairsville

The folks in Blairsville don’t just eat their green beans. They celebrate them. In song.

Build a public food preservation facility? Yes, we can

With all the interest right now in home canning and food preservation, wouldn’t it be great if there were a place in your community where you could process food quickly and inexpensively, using large-scale equipment to improve efficiency?

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