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Journalism is struggling. In Atlanta, new indie outlets are finding ways to make it work—and bringing in important voices

In just the past five years, Atlanta Civic Circle, Capital B, Canopy Atlanta, the Atlanta Community Press Collective, and local bureaus of Axios and the national investigative news site ProPublica have all set up shop in Atlanta. Decaturish, which turns 10 this year, is focused on repairing the old-school, community-newspaper model. Independent outlets are not only challenging revenue models—they’re changing the way local outlets approach journalism itself.
Quincey Patterson BankHead Priest

Is there room for longtime residents in “that new Atlanta”?

With a marquee greenspace, a planned Microsoft campus, and other flashy new developments, Grove Park and Bankhead are ground zero for Atlanta gentrification. What happens to the people who are already there?
How Bankhead became a hip-hop landmark

How Bankhead became a hip-hop landmark

Before Vincent “Pudgy” Richardson and brothers Kevin and Travis Denson helped turn Bankhead into a hip-hop landmark, they sold CDs and white tees out of a bread truck outfitted with 15-inch rims. How they got the bread truck, or why they chose that specific mode of transportation, only Kevin knows. But this mobile operation—the humble beginnings of Toe Jam Music—made a lot of business sense in spring 1998.
The water boy’s hustle Atlanta

The water boy’s hustle

Atlanta city officials deemed water sales along highway exits a nuisance and a threat. But for one West End teenager, the hustle is a way to make money and to stay out of jail.

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