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Perfection pays when you’re detailing cars—or Air Force One

Perfection pays when you’re detailing cars—or Air Force One

"I started detailing cars full-time in 2003, but I got tired after a few years and decided to stop," says Yasir Waqaar. "As soon as I quit, I had old clients begging me to come back to work on their cars. So I realized detailing must be my calling."
How Lamborghini is doubling down on Atlanta

How Lamborghini is doubling down on Atlanta

The Peach State’s TV and film industry, Atlanta’s flourishing business ecosystem, social media, and—ironic as it may sound—the Covid-19 pandemic have all been fuel for Lamborghini Atlanta, and the brand in general, which just notched its best first quarter in company history.
What it’s like to take Mercedes-Benz's first EV for a spin

What it’s like to take Mercedes-Benz’s first EV for a spin

It’s an overcast day in Forsyth County, at the perpetually under-construction Halcyon mixed-use district, and Mercedes-Benz USA is letting Regular Joes like me tear around in $120,000 cars for free.
Dining in your car

The pandemic taught me the joys of dining solo in my car

As the pandemic took hold and the walls of my house started to close in on me, I developed a new habit. About once a week, I’d kiss my toddler and husband goodbye and escape to the one place I could dine out alone: my car.
Atlanta Motorsports Park condos

How a racetrack north of Atlanta sold $8M worth of condos in two months

At Atlanta Motorsports Park, a growing Dawsonville complex, the pandemic hasn’t dented appetites for trackside homes, billed as the ultimate trophy cases for car fanatics.

When shows like Stranger Things need old cars, they turn to Y’allywood Film Cars

Beth Aylward's white 1969 Plymouth Valiant can be seen cruising around Hawkins, Indiana, throughout each season of Stranger Things. Her company provides everything from classic sedans to military vehicles to junk cars to beautifully restored vintage fire trucks for movie and TV productions.

Jaguar on Wednesday, Lexus on Thursday, Porsche on Friday—welcome to Clutch!

Clutch is a Buckhead business that believes that our binary approach to automobiles (do I buy or lease?) leaves out a third option: subscribe.
Porsche Experience Center

Taking a test drive at Atlanta’s Porsche Experience Center

The main attraction of the $100 million Porsche Experience Center, located near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is the 1.6-mile track, where you can take a spin in about a dozen different models.

One Square Mile: Dixie Speedway

In the pits, 73-year-old Nancy Roland, poker visor down and a Marlboro Light dangling from her lips, pushes an ice scraper across the hood of the race car, sweeping off chunks of orange clay. Thirteen-year-old Will Roland steps out from behind the trailer, zipping up his black-and-red fire suit.

How to work out in your car

Atlantans spend a lot of time in cars—30.1 minutes each time we drive to work. That’s more than any other major city except New York, D.C., and Chicago. When you can’t move, use the delay to exercise. Personal trainer Carlos Jordan of Buckhead’s Ultimate Bodies by Carlos suggests trying the following exercises (but only when you’re at a complete stop!)

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