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Archery Rivals: Katniss vs. Daryl vs. Chipper

If you don’t get the Sportsman Channel (and even if your cable carries it, you still may not get it), you probably don’t know that onetime Braves star Chipper Jones has traded his bat and uniform for a compound bow and camo as star of outdoors show Major League Bowhunter. We immediately wondered how No. 10 would fare against two famous, if fictional, archers who shoot (arrows and film) in Georgia.

Chipper Jones will be a Braves Hall of Famer

The career of Chipper Jones, who retired in 2012, is a matter of empirical record: The top pick in the 1990 draft, Jones became an eight-time All-Star player and the only switch-hitter in baseball history to maintain a .300 batting average and more than 300 home runs.

We’re No. 1! According to us!

Yet to those who root for pro sports (and, I hope, those who play them) the night felt unmistakably like a consolation prize. We were told repeatedly how lucky we are to be here in this world-class sports town. We were reminded that the New York media was against us. We were so showered with love and self-serving praise that you almost expected, say, a Boston sports fan to leave behind his seven titles in the last twelve years so he could come down and buy season tickets to half-empty Turner Field.

Tweets of the Day: September 28, 2012—Chipper Jones Edition

The Braves will honor the ostensible future Hall of Famer before tonight's Mets game. Here's how fans (and Chipper himself) feel about his retirement:

ATL Tweets of the Day: October 5, 2011

wcdarling  Remind me to avoid midday trips to Executive Park. No Cliff shuttle service = crappy bus/walk/train trip. Currently at Lindbergh, argh.

Old Timer: Chipper Jones is the kind of vintage baseball player fans have craved

His eyes are the eyes of a hunter. Even though he cloaks them under the shadow of his low-slung baseball cap, there's no escaping the complete focus, the fierce confidence. Necessarily arrogant is the way he likes to describe it.

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