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It’s Friday. Here’s a clip of Donald Glover getting hit in the groin

The cast of NBC’s Community is less than thrilled that Donald Glover will only appear in five epidoes of the show’s upcoming fifth season. The Stone Mountain–born actor-cum-rapper is off to FX to produce a music-centric series entitled Atlanta(About which we have a a few requests and reservations.) The cast is so pissed off, in fact, that they started throwing water bottles at his groin, as his costar Alison Brie posted on Vine yesterday for all to see.

(h/t The A.V. Club)

Everyone is in awe of Antoinette Tuff


7 avocado dishes to order next time you’re out

JCT: shrimp and avocado salad

Cakes & Ale: kale salad with scallions and avocado and sunflower seeds

World Peace Cafe: Tofu Club Sandwhich (avocado, tofu, “bacon,” tomato, lettuce)

Grindhouse Killer Burgers: Gringo Style Burger (black bean, avocado, jalepenos)

Nakato: Bagel Roll (crab, salmon, and avocado)

Canoe: Yellow Corn Soup with Avocado Cream

Wisteria: Salmon Tartare Flatbread (avocado, grated egg)

Video of the Day: John Lewis talks race and voting rights

As the country prepares to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, John Lewis, the last surviving speaker from that iconic event, discusses voting rights with the New York Times. Lewis has represented Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes the city of Atlanta, since 1986. Take an afternoon break from your workday for some introspection, and watch the video:

Or, if videos aren’t your cup of tea, pick up Lewis’s graphic novel on the watershed event, aptly title March.

Atlanta ranks No. 1 for steampunk

You’re more likely to find someone sporting 19th-century goggles, a bustier, a pocket watch, and a machine arm while riding a skeletal, steam-powered tractor in Atlanta than you are in any other U.S. city. Movoto, a real estate site, recently crunched data on various metros to determine we deserved the steampunk superlative. For the masses unaware of the sci-fi genre, it fetishizes steam power, Victorian aesthetics, and inventions. It’s the Wild West mashed up with robotics, as seen through a punk lens. Kind of like Mad Max.

How’d we score the top spot for steam enthusiasts? We shouldn’t be too surprised since we also ranked as Movoto’s nerdiest city thanks in part to Georgia Techies, and our history as a railroad hub probably didn’t hurt. However, our plentiful antique shops and conventions won over Movoto. In truth, though, this award belongs to DragonCon. After all, the convention almost won the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Steampunks.

See steampunk devotees in person at DragonCon this Labor Day weekend, or get your fix with this photo album from Movoto:

The 50 Most Steampunk Cities in America By Movoto Real Estate

6 things we hope to get in Donald Glover’s new TV show, ‘Atlanta’

Get ready for a Stone Mountain native to weigh in on Atlanta’s music scene.

Donald Glover will write, produce, and star in a new half-hour comedy series on FX, reports Deadline. Entitled Atlanta (hopefully just a placeholder), it’ll use our entertainment industry as a backdrop to Glover’s antics. We’re hesitant about having a suburbanite control the national perception of the Capital of the South, but we’ll be fine as long as he gives us these:

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but for our city. When it comes to fellow FX series, we hope Atlanta takes a cue from Sunny instead of the station’s other comedies. Mock us. Berate us. Call our character into question. All while making us love ATL even more, just like Sunny did. Think Green Man and Izzy take a trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

  2. Writing worthy of 30 Rock. Glover cut his chops composing teleplays at the Emmy-winning series during its early heyday. Since it’s a music-centric show, how about an Atlanta take on “Muffin Top” featuring Waffle House?

  3. Stone Mountain. He’s from there, after all. Let’s see him throwing beer cans at the Confederate bas relief. Perhaps Jack McBrayer’s Stone Mountain-born Kenneth the Page could pop up! Thus further tying the show to 30 Rock and bringing in yet another Georgia boy.

  4. Atlanta locales. We don’t want Hollywood back lots. It should shoot here and take advantage of our great tax incentives, and it should feature spots like Vanquish and Lenox Square, expeditions to Eddie’s Attic and 529, and of course, Zone 6.

  5. Outkast’s André 3000. Ideally, as a series regular who mentors Glover’s character, but we’ll accept a single cameo appearance. He proved himself as an actor with his 2006 movie, Idlewild, and his Cartoon Network series, Class of 3000, already did what Glover wants to do with Atlanta, but animated. Maybe he’ll show off his best Jimi Hendrix impersonation.

  6. A guest appearance by Danny Pudi. Glover’s leaving NBC’s Community half-way through its upcoming fifth season, but we hope his partner in crime from that show ventures over to FX. As die-hard fans of the cult series, we can already hear it: “Troy and Abed in Atlanta!”

And one thing we don’t:

Childish Gambino. Yes, it’s a “music-themed” series, but can do without Glover’s rap alter ego and his less-than-stellar rapping and lyrics.

Hey, we can dream.

3 things we learned from Clark Howard’s new book

Living Large for the Long Haul, the latest foray into publishing from the radio host, consumer advocate, and former mayoral hopeful (?!), provides vignettes from fifty different types of savings success stories. Since Clark Howard lives in Atlanta, many of his examples come from the metro area. A few of our favorites:

Arthur Blank used a sale on fireplace screens to jumpstart Home Depot. Though he would go on to become a billionaire philanthropist, his home-improvement chain had a tough time getting off the ground. When it opened in 1978, Blank and his team couldn’t even get customers to come into the store by handing out $1 bills in the parking lot. But word-of-mouth finally took hold after a little stunt. Blank tells Howard:

“Pat Farrah [a cofounder] had an opportunity to buy a truckload of fireplace screens at a greatly reduced price. Rather than applying a normal markup, Pat marked them up just two dollars and placed an ad in the newspaper. A fireplace screen that normally sold for $139 was advertised for $35, and people came in droves to buy them. We sold out in four days.”

The King of Pops shaved his head as a kid. For money. Long before setting up shop at the corner of North and Highland and introducing Atlantans to some of the best handcrafted ice pops, Steven Carse was a kid who knew how to budget. Carse tells Howard:

“I think my mom has always been great at budgeting. I can remember when I was eleven or twelve, my mom had us write a proposal for our monthly allowance. We had to take everything into consideration, school lunch, haircuts, and fun stuff too, like movies, baseball cards, etcetera. I remember after that day I shaved my head because I used my money to buy a pair of shears and kept collecting my $11.99 per month that I had budgeted for haircuts.”

Laura Turner Seydel gets her eggs from the four chickens she keeps at her home. EcoManor has garnered many awards for being an eco-friendly residence, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the daughter of eco-obsessed Ted Turner. However, we’re most smitten by Seydel’s apparent pension for free-range poultry. Because we love farm animals. Rutherford, Laura’s husband, tells Howard:

“I give them away to neighbors because we produce more eggs than we eat. It’s fantastic . . . Then the chickens walk around the yard and help fertilize so we don’t need chemical additives.”

BONUS FACTOID: Mark Meltzer, executive editor of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, co-wrote Living Large, and a number of other “Clark Howard” brand books. His side gig penning these must be a good way for him to work on his savings.

If you want to start saving now, the cheapest place to buy this tome is, per a cursory Google search, Overstock.com.*

*Update: A member of Clark Howard’s team just informed us that the book is currently on sale at Amazon for $12.

7 quirky cocktail pairings at some of our best restaurants

King and Duke
Mississippi Rabbit
Black and Brown (Blackwell Rum, Watership Brown Ale, lime, velvet falernum), inspired by Watership Down, which is about rabbits
Most people err towards wine with rabbit, but this cheeky combo isn’t too bad. Especially when considering the history of eating rabbit, beer is a logical pairing. This beer cocktail adds a nice punch to the rabbit’s kick. A bit more distinct in and of itself for game, but a fun pairing.

Proof and Provision
The Working Girl pizza (anchovies and sundried tomatoes)
The Rosalyn vodka cocktail
It’s a fittingly feminine combo

Empire State South

Miller Union


General Muir

The Spence

One Eared Stag

H. Harper Station

Leon’s Full Service

Table and Main

Thanks for the nostalgia trip, BuzzFeed

One of BuzzFeed’s community contributor’s put together a GIF’ed-up list called 35 Signs You Grew Up In Atlanta that went viral today. On a scale of LOL to OMG, it’s pretty awesome. The ‘Hooch, Spaghetti Junction, and even the Thashers get shout-outs. However, no directory of Atlanta experiences would be complete without this:

36. You still know how to do the Dirty Bird

Of course, this list caters to BuzzFeed’s core millennial demo. What if you’re older than thirty? Have no fear. Given Atlanta magazine’s more than fifty-year history, we’ve created a highly scientific way for anyone at any age to test their Atlanta-ness: by taking our quiz.

We like NYE, religion, and learning pole dancing

Here’s an event idea: a NYE party in a church with plenty of columns that the waitresses use for pole dancing. It should sell out in a minute.

The online ticketing platform Eventbrite did some number crunching and released some interesting nuggets about Atlanta. We party harder on New Year’s than Miami or Vegas. Four of the top ten highest-grossing conferences in the city were faith-based. Five of the ten highest attended workshops were for lap or pole dancing. I suppose something has to keep the fires alive in marriages.

Of course, these statistics are purely based on events registered through Eventbrite. Incorporating DragonCon’s numbers would probably skew these data points in a different direction.

Check out their infographic for a snappy visual presentation of the data.

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