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Flight Fashion: As Delta’s new (purple!) uniforms take off, a look back at each decade’s outfits

It’s been nearly a decade since Delta’s uniforms have gotten a lift. Now, the airline is switching out its tired togs for a runway-worthy collection of uniforms designed by iconic American fashion designer Zac Posen, which will be rolling out on the fleet this month. We look back at eight decades of in-flight fashions.

Designer Zac Posen shares his inspiration for those new sleek (and purple!) Delta uniforms

Posen's new collection for Delta Airlines harks back to the glamour of the golden age of flying, adding high-tech fabrics and fine detailing. But the big surprise? The introduction of the color "passport plum," which was widely received by employees as a fresh change.

Fly Southwest Airlines three times and your buddy flies free. We did it for under $300.

With low prices from Atlanta to commemorate Southwest’s finalized acquisition of AirTran and cheap fares out of Dallas marking the end of the Wright Amendment, I had the perfect bargain storm. I spent roughly $45 for each of six flights—and earned a companion pass for the low cost of $270.60.

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