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Ellison's Cave

Wild Georgia: Where you can still find it

From rivers to caves, swamps to beaches, Georgia’s got it all. See them while they’re still here. Plus, seven ways Atlantans are helping the planet, the race to save Georgia's bats from a deadly fungus, and where your recyclables actually end up.

Essay: Sometimes we are blind to to the beauty of this world

On this morning the sky was a transparent blue-and-white bowl, resting upside down on the far horizons. Situated within this bowl was my heartland, my beloved Georgia. The sky was as blue as china, as blue as a bluebird, cerulean blue, the blue of the Caribbean, blue as the bluest eye; it arched like a cathedral over me, vaulted over everything I love, and I was in love with everything it covered, whether I wanted to love or not.

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