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Who does what during a disaster

What, exactly, do FEMA and GEMA do when disaster strikes?

Can FEMA swoop in whenever it wants? If we have FEMA, why do we also need GEMA? The emergency response departments, explained.
MARTA emergency preparedness

Why MARTA police are simulating a terror attack at Midtown Station

The exercise is called "Operation Midtown After Dark." There will be explosions, smoke, gunshots, police lights, and actors wearing makeup to look like victims with blood, burns, and missing limbs. There will be road closures and MARTA interruptions. If all of this sounds like a movie, well, it might as well be—although it has a much larger purpose.

The Proctor Creek Project

The movement to rejuvenate Proctor Creek and the neighborhoods through which it snakes involves a coalition of federal, state and local agencies—along with nonprofits, city planners, and private investors.

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