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Grubbly Farms

How a pair of Atlantans created gourmet snacks for chickens

Dispatches from Atlanta and beyond. Also in this month's edition: BYOB (buy your own bridge) and remembering Marshall Rancifer

Why Atlanta’s roads have so many damn metal plates

Why use metal plates to cover up potholes? Can you report those steel slabs? Does Atlanta actually enforce violations? Allow us to explain.
Basil Eleby, I-85 fire

The I-85 fire could have destroyed Basil Eleby’s life. Instead, it may have saved it.

When he was suspected of starting the fire that collapsed a portion of I-85 in Atlanta, Basil Eleby—a homeless man who grew up without a family and struggled with addiction—was facing felony charges that would put him in jail until he was in his sixties. But one year after the fire, Eleby is on the path to recovery, thanks to the help of the Atlanta community.
Russell McMurry

49. Russell McMurry

McMurry started at the Georgia Department of Transportation as an engineering trainee in 1990. His climb culminated this past January when he was elected commissioner, in charge of the department’s 4,100 employees and $2 billion budget.

Todd Long to Steve Brown: Simmer down about the match penalty; plus other T-SPLOST tidbits

Members of the Georgia Institute of Transportation Engineers convened today at the East Roswell Recreation Center to hear a T-SPLOST debriefing from two senior GDOT officials, deputy commissioner Todd Long and engineering director Russell McMurry. The group of engineers from private firms and local governments across metro Atlanta meets monthly, usually at Mary Mac's, and demonstrates that regionalism is alive in at least one arena.

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