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Georgia’s farmers have plenty of crops. The problem is who can buy them—and how.

With COVID-19, Georgia farmers—and the organizations designed to support them—have had to rethink nearly every aspect of what they do with their bounty.
Chris Edwards

It’s time you met your metro Atlanta farmers

Farmland takes up more than nine and a half million acres of land in Georgia. It’s time we got to know our farmers better, don’t you think? Meet JoVonna Johnson Cooke and Eugene Cook, Chris Edwards, and Joe Reynolds.
Gangstas To Growers

Home for Dinner: Abiodun Henderson, founder of Gangstas to Growers

Abiodun Henderson founded Gangstas to Growers last year to train formerly imprisoned youths how to farm, and she’ll soon teach her first class of six with the help of local farmers from Grow Where You Are and Truly Living Well. Even after a tiring day of working outside, she still cooks dinner for her family at her Southwest Atlanta home.

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